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Pennies From Heaven

  The airy times of post-World War One America began loosing its shimmer in 1929. That October the raucous roar of jazz bands was muted to a whisper while the delight of gyrating flappers and nose tickling Champagne became bittersweet memories. It was the start of an eleven year economic downturn know as the Great […]

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Hitler – Courtship and Color Swatches

  This past July a British tabloid published images from a 1933 home movie showing the future Queen Elizabeth II, at age seven, mimicking the Hitler Salute. Few people remember that at the time these home movies were taken, Adolf Hitler was admired by many. Or, if not admired, at least it was thought to […]

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“Give me your tired…”

    A Letter to the Editor, from the April 11, 1939 issue of Look Magazine. Some background information may be needed to appreciate Gert’s plea. On March 15, 1939, Nazi forces pounded through Czechoslovakia. There was little resistance, no international outrage, no offer of aid or support. Gert, her family, her friends, and her […]

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Google Glass – Back to the Future

  Sometimes when technology meets fashion, the results can be awkward. Google Glass, Google’s foray into the consumer optical head mounted display market, is worn like a pair of glasses, making the wearer look like the offspring of Robo Cop and a spinster librarian. Which isn’t a bad thing, especially when compared to Tele-Eyeglasses. The […]

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Miami Luxe

Like the corner men of a prize fighter – prepping him for the next round – uniformed attendants scurry around your car, cleaning the windshield, checking the oil and tire pressure, while filling your tank with gas. It’s been a long hot trip and your glad to finally be close to your destination, Miami Beach. […]

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

  While looking at these ads, think of Balzac’s quote, “A man’s own vanity is a swindler that never lacks a dupe.” Or, less poetic but more direct, Barnum’s “There’s a sucker born every minute.”   This first one, “Hair Grows,” appeared in the December 1915 issue of Popular Science, by the Modern Vacuum Cap […]

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How to Train Women

We can file this piece of ephemera under “Betty Friedan: Spinning Like a Top!” In this thirty-five page pearl, lion trainer turned author, Capt. Robert J. Bailie, provides insight on how men can use animal training techniques to train women! He doesn’t bring out the whips and chairs, but instead relies upon intimidation and manipulation to […]

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