Welcome to Paper Sleuth

 My first post, The Hardy Boy’s and I, gives some background into my interest in ephemera. This site will let me share my enthusiasm for the hobby and maybe pass some of that enthusiasm onto you. I’m proud to be your guide on a journey to destinations throughout this limitless world. Each post will be a stepping stone as we zigzag through the dense forest of paper artifacts. There’s no telling what we’ll stumble upon, just be confident that it’ll be worth the trip and a lot of fun.

I mention in the “Our Journey” sidebar that the trip will be part archaeology and part sociology, but I promise it won’t be dry or academic. There are some implausible pieces that will have you scratching your head, trying to figure out why would anyone do or think that way. And some pieces that will just have you shaking your head.

There’s a lot of ground to cover and material to share (all of which is part of my collection, unless otherwise noted) and some lessons to be learned. I hope you enjoy your time here,  let’s get started.

Bart Ingraldi