Better Homes and Gardens Christmas


To kick off the 2012 Christmas season, I thought you may enjoy a glimpse at the December 1927 issue of Better Home and Gardens magazine. Looking over the 1927 ’Editorial Content’  it’s nice to see that the magazine has stayed true to itself for the last 85 years (except for its updated glitz and glam look), offering helpful hints, useful ideas and timely advise for families.

Dec. ’27 table of contents

I have an affinity for vintage ads, the graphics and the copy say more about the their time than pages of editorial content. The inventiveness of the Whizzard design, with ‘Small wheels inset in the runners’ is interesting. I know of ski resorts now offering the same idea to attract summer  customers to their bob sled runs. The $10 price tag may seem attractive, until you realize that $10 in 1927 is $127 today.

The Maytag ad is special. It’s somehow comforting knowing I’m not alone in buying inappropriate gifts, men have been doing it for decades! But, I must admit, the ad copy does present compelling arguments,

Maytag helpfulness will bring Christmas gladness, not for just a day, but always.

1927 Maytag Washer

 This is an example of some of the articles in this issue, something that can be tried for Christmas 1927 or Christmas 2012.
The 1927 subscription form offers a two year subscription for $1.00 ($12.80 in todays dollars). You’ll be pleased to know that today’s two year subscriptions are less, just $12.00!

1927 Subscription Form


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      Thanks, I just may do that if I don’t come up with a new Christmas themed one – real soon!

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