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How to Train Women

We can file this piece of ephemera under “Betty Friedan: Spinning Like a Top!” In this thirty-five page pearl, lion trainer turned author, Capt. Robert J. Bailie, provides insight on how men can use animal training techniques to train women! He doesn’t bring out the whips and chairs, but instead relies upon intimidation and manipulation to […]

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The Telegram

This one, written in the normally abrupt syntax of Western Union, is from a daughter concerning her mother. In Dorothy’s message, the first seven words cradle her worry and distress. “MOTHER DID NOT ARRIVE WHERE IS SHE,” typed in caps, without punctuation nor sentiment, by a Western Union operator and hand delivered by a messenger. […]

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The Hardy Boys - The Missing Chums

The Hardy Boys and I

The Hardy Boys and I were best friends. Yep, Frank, Joe and I were chums – always looking for new adventures whenever we got together. Stumbling upon a half buried chest, filled with Pieces of Eight, or prying up a creaky floorboard to find a mysterious message, were routine to us. Naturally, all this was […]

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