Google Glass – Back to the Future

  Sometimes when technology meets fashion, the results can be awkward. Google Glass, Google’s foray into the consumer optical head mounted display market, is worn like a pair of glasses, making the wearer look like the offspring of Robo Cop and a spinster librarian. Which isn’t a bad thing, especially when compared to Tele-Eyeglasses. The […]

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This post is Classified

One of my more enjoyable pastimes is fingering through old magazines or newspapers reading the Classified Ads. From the elaborate display ads placed in Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper in the 1890′s to the pulp rags of modern times all advertisements have similarities.  But like most things, ads bear the patina of the times that they were […]

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Newspaper account of crash

High Flying Lion Trainer

My post, “How to Train Women,” describes the unflattering thoughts and the laughable attitude towards women, of Capt. Robert Bailie – Lion Trainer. This self-proclaimed master of beast and beauty, shares his Neanderthal wisdom in his “best seller” Taming ‘em!!! – A Lion Trainer’s Views On Handling Women. Included on the books dust cover is […]

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Front of the warning leaflet

Little Boy, Fat Man and Mr. Lucky

  “Little Boy” – its name poking fun at its extreme size and weight – descended into history on August 6, 1945. This atomic weapon was the result of the most concentrated scientific effort of the first half of the 20th century. It punctuated the American war effort that started in 1941, with the Japanese […]

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Italian Honey Bees to Dental Floss

Thankfully, there is no cure for curiosity… The mildewed cardboard box, stuffed with old papers, turned into a rabbit hole leading to a surprising discovery: a families rich history of medical service that affected the well-being of millions of people. In the box was a scattering of one cent postcards, most were from 1883, all […]

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Chocolate Delights

Before Hershey, before Cadbury, before Nestle and Mars, there was Baker. The Walter Baker & Company was established in 1780, making it the oldest chocolate producer in the United States. And this May 7th will be the 161st anniversary of the death of Walter Baker, grandson of founder Dr. James Baker, and the last family […]

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Miami Beach Hotels

Miami Luxe

Like the corner men of a prize fighter – prepping him for the next round – uniformed attendants scurry around your car, cleaning the windshield, checking the oil and tire pressure, while filling your tank with gas. It’s been a long hot trip and your glad to finally be close to your destination, Miami Beach. […]

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Display ads

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

  While looking at these ads, think of Balzac’s quote, “A man’s own vanity is a swindler that never lacks a dupe.” Or, less poetic but more direct, Barnum’s “There’s a sucker born every minute.”   This first one, “Hair Grows,” appeared in the December 1915 issue of Popular Science, by the Modern Vacuum Cap […]

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1927 Subscription Form

Better Homes and Gardens Christmas

  To kick off the 2012 Christmas season, I thought you may enjoy a glimpse at the December 1927 issue of Better Home and Gardens magazine. Looking over the 1927 ’Editorial Content’  it’s nice to see that the magazine has stayed true to itself for the last 85 years (except for its updated glitz and glam […]

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Mud Games

  The scrapbook where these images were carefully positioned and identified, chronicles student college days at Cornell University, from 1916 through 1920: unfortunately, the author of the scrapbook is not identified. “ Animal House” style frat parties may be the last word in excessive ‘social gatherings’ on college campuses, but they don’t compare to what […]

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